The weirdest things are
sometimes the coolest

The name's Victoria/25 Years Old/Texas, Born & Raised/General Studies Major @ Texas A&M/ Single, Avid WWE Fan & Major Music Lover/ God, Family & Friends = VERY IMPORTANT/ Favorites: Leggings, Uggs & Margaritas/ Anything else, just ask.
So, today was my off day from Work and it pretty much went like this…

*takes a morning shower & eats Breakfast* (somewhat)

Me: “I think I’m gonna go braless all day today”.

*hangs around all day until Dinnertime rolls around*

Me: *in the middle of watching Monday Night Raw* “I think I’m gonna go out and get me something to eat”.

*manages to put on Bra*

Me: *watching practically the end of Monday Night Raw* “Eh… it’s pretty late now, so I’ll just fix something to eat here”.

*manages to take Bra back off*

And that concludes my exciting off day. #ThankYou

Am I the only one who had that whole Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar segment on Mute?…


And he is looking HOTTER than a Mother tonight, honey!!!

These little Goldust/Stardust segments never cease to put a smile on my face.

Okay, RAW is almost damn near over and there’s still NO Dean Ambrose!…

Seriously, where is my Lunatic Fringe now?

Is Xavier Woods under a new Preacher gimmick or something?…



This crowd does not seem to care about Flo Rida AT ALL.

I’m telling you! (lol)

Flo Rida’s tank top looks like something that Hot Topic would sell in their stores.

This is truly the most vicious I’ve ever seen Paige and to be honest, it is fucking FIERCE and I’m digging it a little bit.

We’re already an hour into RAW and the big question is…

Where in the hell is Dean Ambrose?

It sucks that Dolph doesn’t do his little “booty shake” in his entrance anymore…

He’s got a nice-looking tush and he was never afraid to show it off; hence he is “The Show-Off”.

It seems to me like Roman’s vests are getting smaller & smaller and if there’s a God, he’ll eventually go shirtless…

God, I really hope that happens!

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