The weirdest things are
sometimes the coolest

The name's Victoria/25 Years Old/Texas, Born & Raised/General Studies Major @ Texas A&M/ Single, Avid WWE Fan & Major Music Lover/ God, Family & Friends = VERY IMPORTANT/ Favorites: Leggings, Uggs & Margaritas/ Anything else, just ask.
Absolute BEST ’Rolling Stone' photoshoot of Britney, in my opinion.
So, today was my off day from Work and it pretty much went like this…

*takes a morning shower & eats Breakfast* (somewhat)

Me: “I think I’m gonna go braless all day today”.

*hangs around all day until Dinnertime rolls around*

Me: *in the middle of watching Monday Night Raw* “I think I’m gonna go out and get me something to eat”.

*manages to put on Bra*

Me: *watching practically the end of Monday Night Raw* “Eh… it’s pretty late now, so I’ll just fix something to eat here”.

*manages to take Bra back off*

And that concludes my exciting off day. #ThankYou

Am I the only one who had that whole Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar segment on Mute?…


And he is looking HOTTER than a Mother tonight, honey!!!

These little Goldust/Stardust segments never cease to put a smile on my face.

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